Already over 33 years we are active in the beautiful Wetter on the Ruhr – in the Hochstraße since 1994 to professionally guide you in the areas of the classic Physiotherapy, Reha Sports and the Medical Fitness. Our team consists of both young and experienced physiotherapists and gymnastic teachers – for your best possible advice and support.


Physical therapy

Physiotherapy deals with the treatment of illnesses, maldevelopment, injuries and dysfunctions in the areas of posture, movement, internal organs and nervous system.

In addition, physiotherapy is also used as a preventive measure for preventive health care. The goal of the therapies is to create an optimal freedom of movement and freedom from pain in a first step. Then the practice of activities of daily life takes place.

As a natural healing method, physiotherapy uses body's own healing principles and adaptation mechanisms and is an alternative or useful supplement to medical and surgical treatment of the disease.

We offer you some of the most important therapies:

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